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New York Times spins the prisoner exchange

The opening gambit is that “the list revealed why the country has found the trade so wrenching: a majority of the inmates were convicted of manslaugh­ter, attempted murder or inten­tion­ally causing death.” They go on to list not just suicide attacks against Israeli civilians but attacks against Israeli soldiers. Ethan Bronner perhaps has not noticed that Israel is carrying out a bel­liger­ent occu­pa­tion. Soldiers are lawful targets. Meanwhile, “Pales­tini­ans said” that “many were peaceful people who were convicted in Israeli military trials that involved secret evidence and standards of proof that would be unac­cept­able in many Western countries.” Everyone says this except for Israel and the United States.

4 comments to New York Times spins the prisoner exchange

  • Jim Holstun

    Only Tank Sgt. Shalit has a name, endlessly reit­er­ated. Chomsky was good enough to remember Mustapha and Usama Muamar (who the hell are they?), two Gaza civilians kidnapped by the Israeli Army the day before Shalit was captured, perhaps in response. They don’t seem to be among those released. He also remem­bered the democratically-elected Hamas leg­is­la­tors who were kidnapped by the Jewish and Demo­c­ra­tic state. I think the pre­sen­ta­tion of the exchange reveals the bland racism of Israeli and American policy like nothing in recent memory.

  • Vered

    There is one of two things happening or perhaps bit of both by the descrip­tions of the so-called charges. All charges become suspect under an illegal occu­pa­tion, there is no way to bring legit­i­macy to such a defunct court system meant to wholesale accuse a people who are the targets of a murderous settler colonial state.

    1). By describ­ing those released in this manner they try to bring the legit­i­macy to the judicial joke I describe above, in fact, all insti­tu­tions in Israel are skewed with the occu­pa­tion –all of them are based on lies and deception;

    2). If the descrip­tions are true than they are hoping to rekindle the reasons for the Israeli murderous course, hoping that they will attempt to do the same acts so they can attack all Palestinians.

    Or, there may be a bit of both in the mix, who knows. Even if the charges have some truth to them, all dissolves in the light of a struggle to the death per­pe­trated by the Israeli occupiers. A parallel example —


  • Vered

    Oh, forgot some do not under­stand French —


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